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James Oglethorpe - A short biography

Did you ever wonder where the name Ft. Oglethorpe came from? The city was in fact, named after the founder and leader of the colony of Georgia, James Oglethorpe. Use the resources provided below to learn more about Georgia's founder, then take a quiz to test your memory, and the next time someone mentions Ft. Oglethrope, tell them what you know.

Step 1: Click on the link to read James Oglethorpe's Biography

Biography link

Step 2: Take the quiz below to see what you remember

1.) Where was James Oglethorpe orignially from?
Click here for answer.

2.) What did James Oglethopre as a result of one of his friends dying in a British debtor prison?

3.) How many colonists sailed with Oglethorpe?

4.) Who was the colony of Georgia named after?

5.) What city did James Oglethorpe found?

6.) could the colonial Georgian's own slaves?

Step 3: Click on the webquest link above to begin your Oglethorpe research.


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