James Stephens is AWESOME!

You know what else is AWESOME?!?

NINJA hiya!!!! chop kill! achooie!

Ninjas and Cowboys

Badadum Badadum Badadum BONANZA!!!!!

(But not the Dallas Cowboys, they suck! and if you like them then you suck, too!!!!)

Go to this AWESOME link: Wriphe
Why? Becuase I said so! (Actually, it's because he's my AWESOME brother, and if I don't reference his AWESOME website I may end up an AWESOME eunuch. eeep!)

If you want to know more AWESOME things, go deeper into the AWESOME world by clicking here!

If you want to send me an AWESOME e-mail about how AWESOME this AWESOME site is...don't!!!!!

Just kidding. Or am I! Sucker!!!!!

No really, here is my AWESOME e-mail youareajerk@watchingthecowboyssuck.org

I will respond to that AWESOME e-mail ever so shortly....
HA, no I won't!
That wasn't real, and you fell for it!!!!
You must be an idiot who likes the Cowboys!!!

But seriously,....AWESOME e-mail.

The AWESOME University does not like me or accept my AWESOME website as fun. They probably like the Cowboys.
But in case you do think they like me and my AWESOME deviant funtime, read this!